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CHF holds a residential conference every two years, and day conferences at various locations during the year.

CHF Day Conference - Saturday 24 November 2018
Pollard Room, Institute of Historical Research, London

Christian History, the Secular University, the Church and the World

The Christianity and History Forum (originally the Historians’ Study Group of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) has been in existence since the 1960s, and it is timely to take stock of what has been achieved and to discuss how the place of Christianity in historical scholarship can be advanced in the future. On the one hand the importance of Christianity in shaping the human past is now much more widely acknowledged than it was half a century ago; on the other hand relatively little progress has been made in applying Christian theology and philosophy to secular historiography as a whole. This conference is particularly timely in marking the publication of a new edition of David Bebbington’s seminal analysis of a Christian philosophy of history, Patterns in History, first published in 1979, and we are delighted to welcome its author as our keynote speaker.

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